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The Observatory organisation has three levels :

**1. Board of directors

It implements major scientific guidelines and determines the funding allocated to science projects from the budget of the OHM. It defines the action plan, and ensures follow-up. He hosts and provides technical and administrative management of the Observatory. The Board of directors includes a representative from environmental sciences and a representative of social and humanity sciences.


Last name First Name Etablishment Function
BATTEAU Pierre Aix-Marseille-University Professor (econometrics - finance ) - Director
DAVIET Sylvie Aix-Marseille-University / TELEMME Professor (geography)
GUIOT Joël CNRS / ECCOREV Research director (climatology)
RADAKOVITCH Olivier Aix-Marseille-University / CEREGE Lecturer (geochemistry)
RAYNAL Jean-Claude CNRS / IMBE Dr Coordinator OHM-BMP (geography)

**2. Steering and Guidance Comittee

It expresses societal demands and makes advisory opinions and orientations. Besides the members of the Board of directors, it consists of a panel of scientists, institutional and economic actors, representative partners, and meets twice a year. Its composition can be changed according to the evolution of the partnership, on request from the Scientific Committee, or from the INstitute of Ecology and Environment or other partners.


Last name Fisrt name Etablishment Function
BAYON Patrick Department of the Bouches-du-Rhône Executive director (Economy Urbanism)
BOER Michel CNRS / IMREDD Sophia Antipolis University Nice) Research director (astrophysic)
BORDREUIL Jean-Samuel CNRS / LAMES Research director (sociology)
BOTTA Alain Aix-Marseille-Université / IMBE Professeur (human health)
BOTTERO Jean-Yves CNRS / CEREGE Research director (géosciences)
CANAL Jean-Louis Rousset Village Mayor
CHENORKIAN Robert CNRS / INEE Scientific deputy director
DE FRANCE Delphine CCI Marseille-Provence Sustainable development & Societal responsibility
EL MIRI Mustapha Ville de Gardanne Mayor deputy
FABRE Christine Groupement du GHIVA (NPO) Chief executive officer
FLAHAUT Dominique PACA Region Energy Waste Air quality and Environmental Technologies
ICARD Jean-Paul BRGM / DPSM Security and Maintenance Plan Coal Mining, Archives
JAUJARD François "École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint Etienne" centre of Gardanne.
MIOCHE Philippe Aix-Marseille-University / TELEMME Professor (Contemporary history)
MOTTE Elisabeth CPA Aix-en-Provence Economy Innovation and Social cohesion
MOUNIER Robert DREAL PACA - Direction of environment and regional planning housing Aix-en-Provence agency
NEDELLEC Jean-Louis BRGM / DPSM Security and Maintenance Plan Coal Mining, Deputy director
PELISSIER Francis Retired from "Les Houillères de Provence" ex Mayor of the village of La Bouilladisse
REVALOR Roger INERIS Executive director INERIS Méditerranée
ROBIN Dominique AIR PACA Agency Executive director
TATONI Thierry Aix-Marseille-University / IMBE Professor (ecology)

**3. Scientific committee

It controls scientific excellence of the work undertaken and has an advisory and evaluation role. Its composition is determined by the Institute of Ecology and Environment CNRS, which also determines the frequency of meetings. This committee is common to all OHMs within the Institute.

Scientific committee page on the OHM network website :

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