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The environmental issue

Acquisition du terril Saint-Pierre

Coal basin territory includes differentiated areas. West and South are quite urbanized, East and North are more rural and dominated by agriculture. Environmental issues are natural and agricultural area conservation and management, mining sites safety and reconversion, careful territorial management (to contain urban sprawl), industrial activities impact on quality of life reduction, etc.

Mining legacy asks many question to environmental sciences. Coal tips composed of mine tailings and ashes brought from the electro-thermic plant occupy a large area, sometimes within the town and its suburb. There are questioning about their stability, vegetation, soil quality and possible evolutions. In deepness, the submergence of mines galleries network may have unknown effects on : subsoil structure, quality of water to be rejected into the sea as planned in a few year and opportunity to exploit this water.

Drainage de l'eau, terril Saint-Pierre
Numerous companies presence within the territory lead to get interested about nuisances they generate (smokes emissions, dusts, storage of raw materials or finished products, etc.), to characterize these pollutions, to understand and measure these inconveniences (interviews with inhabitants and local authorities), to study potential toxicological impacts. Strategies et processes implemented by industrial companies to reduce their nuisances and prevent risks, researches about rehabilitation also need to be considered. Heavy industry (electric, alumina or cement plants) and high-technology (particularly micro-electronic) are either concerned.

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