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Le réseau constitué par l’Observatoire offre un cadre intéressant pour la formation aux questions relatives à l’environnement (fonctionnement, évaluation, gestion, conservation, restauration), aux territoires (fonctionnement, dynamique, gestion, planification, prospective) et aux interactions hommes-milieux.
Depuis sa création, l’OHM BMP a accueilli plus de 150 stagiaires de Master, Licences, DUT ou diplômes d’ingénieurs pour des durées de 1 à 6 mois.

Ph. D.

In research funded by the Observatory, or for PhD grants awarded during calls for proposals DRIIHM thesis, doctoral students receive network services. They can access to data information system, they can be linked with resource persons, and they can present their work at seminars.

Thesis in progress

Subject Referent Laboratory
Environment and health : the construction of the category "environmental illness" C. GUILLEUX LPED
Soil heaps of Provence : the study of biological and physico-chemical parameters involved in their environmental integration M. CLOUARD IMBE
Determinants of differences between risk and risk perceptions and effects on actors’ decisions J. OLIVERO CERGAM
Toxicity of fine particles (PM 2.5) in the territories of OHM Coalfield Provence (France) and Estarreja (Portugal) S. PLUMEJEAUD IMBE

Atended PhD

Subject Referent LaboratoryDefense date
Leaders leeway and corporate social responsibility M. MARAIS CERGAM Déc. 2011
Provence Coalfield real estate market G. BOULAY TELEMME Nov. 2011
Public sector involvement in the development of territorial innovation trajectories P. BRETECHE CERGAM Sept. 2011

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